Assistance with Building Permits 

When it comes time to file for building permits in Florida, it's important to understand all relevant requirements. This is especially critical in cases where a person decides to complete a project on their own, without working with a contractor. That's where Paramount Building Services comes in. Our company provides smart assistance to ensure that you have the construction permits you need for all kinds of remodeling and construction projects. We'll ensure that your permit is approved.

Why Permits Matter

Many people wonder why they need a permit, especially when they're only completing a small job. The reality is that there are many benefits to acquiring the right construction permits. Taking out a permit provides you with the services of a plan review engineer, who will ensure that your plans are complete, that they comply with accepted engineering principles, and that they meet state minimum construction standards.

Building Permits, Lakeland, FL

Moreover, building inspectors will perform inspections to ensure that your construction project is consistent with these plans and with the minimum standards for construction technique. Construction is a substantial financial investment that can be seriously jeopardized by a non-compliant project. Work completed without the required permits is illegal, and it will create problems if you wish to sell your property down the line. Fire and homeowner's insurance companies may not recognize work performed without permits, so your policies may be invalidated.

A building permit will also help you avoid other headaches in the future. If building officials discover you have completed work without a permit, you could be required to dismantle your remodeling project. If you sell your property, you are legally obligated to disclose that you have remodeled without a permit and the buyer could demand that you bring all of your work up to code. Real estate agents cannot market your property while listing any habitable space that was not permitted. Refusing to obtain a permit to avoid taxes is ultimately more costly than obtaining one, as it does not increase the value of your home in the end. To avoid these and other problems, let us help you with your permitting requirements. Call us today to learn more.